$5000 an go a long way! Refer friends and earn cash for each hire*


  • Team-members are our best advocates.
  • Refer friends and earn cash awards from $300 - $5000 for each hire*
  • Your participation helps us find talented employees like yourself. You earn cash plus gain a like- minded coworker


Get Started:

  1. Have your referral complete an online application at www.publicstoragejobs.com.
  2. Receive your bonus after your referral is on board for 60 days!


Employee Referral Program Rules*

1.The bonus amount for each successful referral will be net after taxes, which means Public Storage pays all applicable taxes.

  • Referrals for Field, Call Center and Corporate employees will be paid a net amount of $300 after 60 days of employment.
  • Referrals for District Manager employees will be paid a net amount of $5000 after 60 days of employment.
  • Referrals for Real Estate exempt employees will be paid a net amount of $5000 after 60 days of employment.


2. The Employee Referral Program is open to all active employees with the exceptions of the hiring manager, HR Directors and recruiting staff.


3. In order to receive a referral bonus, ALL of the following conditions must be met:

  • The eligible referring employee must submit an Employee Referral Form online at PS Central prior to his/her referred candidate receiving a job offer from the hiring manager.
  • The referred candidate must complete an online application through www.publicstoragejobs.com and be hired within 6 months of original referral date.
  • The referred employee must be actively employed for the required amount of time before the referral bonus payment can be processed.
  • To be eligible as a referral, a candidate must not have been employed by Public Storage within the previous 24 months.
  • The eligible referring employee must be employed by Public Storage at the time of issuance to receive the bonus payment.


4. Retroactive submittals are not eligible and will not be considered.


5. Once the referred candidate has worked the required amount of time, the Human Resources Department will request that the referral bonus check be processed. All referral bonus checks are processed and mailed out as separate checks on the same schedule as payroll. Generally employees receive their referral bonus check about 2-3 weeks after the eligibility period has been completed.


6. The Human Resources Department reserves the right to determine whether or not applicants/candidates are qualified for positions covered by the program.


7. All inquiries concerning program rules, procedures and eligibility should be directed to the Human Resources Department at EmployeeReferral@publicstorage.com.


8. Public Storage reserves the right to revise or cancel the Employee Referral Program, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without any written notice.

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